Friday, January 30, 2015


I have a piece of short fiction in the latest issue of FreeFall Magazine, which is based out of Calgary and edited by Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist.

For the Winter 2015 issue, I submitted a text/image combo, which consisted of my "Gilly: gaijin/Galician/ghost owl" text and Darryl Joel Berger's "Claws Owl" image, and even though FreeFall doesn't often use images, they made room.

These texts are a continuation of the poems in the second section of Stowaways, which are known to me as 'the weremummy poems.' That is, poems about women for whom having babies and becoming parents are perhaps the slightest of their transformations.

Lots of other good stuff in this issue, including poems by Norma Dunning and Lauren Carter and non-fiction by Robert Boschman.

Thomas Wharton also has fiction in this issue, which is sort of fun, because I just finished the first book in his YA fantasy trilogy The Perilous Realm. I've been eyeballing his novel Icefields for aaaages.

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