Saturday, March 07, 2015

Half-full reading

(clockwise, from top left): Christine Fischer Guy, Alison Calder, Claire Caldwell read at McNally Robinson on March 5.

* * *

My favourite part of this evening, besides the readings, besides the chance to chat with such smart women, was the fact that McNally Robinson event coordinator John Toews not only set out water for us but labelled the water, so that we wouldn't get confused.

My favourite moment of the evening came when Claire Caldwell read a poem with both moons and elephants in it and Alison Calder leaned back in her chair and flashed me a startled-yet-pleased look, given her tendency towards same.

Thanks to Wolsak & Wynn for setting the thing up, to McNally's for hosting, and to Alison, who read even though she'd never been properly asked. (I maintain that the great majority of poets would be abjectly grateful if they were just scheduled for readings without the bother of being asked beforehand...)

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