Sunday, May 24, 2015

Two mics

* * *
Yvonne Blomer and I read at the Get Lit Cabaret as part of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival in Regina on May 21.

We elected to read together, salon-style, which basically means that we alternated poems, selecting poems from our own books that addressed some image or theme or word from the previous poem.

You don't plan the poems in advance. You just listen and then flip through your book and read.

Reading this way means that you have be comfortable reading almost anything from your book. It also means that you have to listen hard, ferreting out meaning in someone else's poems but also connecting to something in your own work.

Here Yvonne is, reciting her "As if a Raven" at the very beginning of our reading. Which is a trick I haven't yet attempted...

I want to extend my thanks to Yvonne for reading with me, to Bernadette Wagner and the CVAF for having us, and to the SWG for sponsoring the reading. Special thanks to Tracy Hamon for billeting us and for her own reading at Get Lit, which included two videopoems.

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