Monday, June 01, 2015

Reprint: Book-launch venue hop

* * *

Over the last two weeks of April, I wrote four articles for Quill & Quire. Three were web-only interviews with poets launching books for National Poetry Month: Bren Simmers, Elena Johnson & K.I. Press.

The final article, which was slated to run in the June print edition of the magazine, was to be part of their series called Book-launch Venue Hop, i.e. profiles of popular venues in which to launch books.

So far, they've written about an artsy performance space in Halifax & a poetry-hosting tavern in Ottawa. But in Winnipeg, aside from the Millennium Library, our non-traditional venues have only lasted a few  years each. So: McNally's, which is big and bright and hosts most every launch in town.

It was an easy decision, and, in the service of writing the article, I got to interview Rob Budde, Guy Gavriel Kay & Perry Grosshans. And a bunch of other people too, but when you've only got 600 words, well...people and their quotes get cut.

I also got to include a picture of Chantal Fiola launching her Rekindling the Sacred Fire, which is an UMP title. This wasn't only self-serving. It turns out I only bother taking hi-res photos at events I'm reading at or are working, so the selection was limited...

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