Friday, July 10, 2015

five books + an egg cup

* * *

Some of the MB authored/published books I chatted with Dahlia Kurtz about July 9 on CJOB 680:

The Significance of Moths by Shirley Camia (Turnstone Press)
Lessons from a Nude Man by Donna Besel (Hagios Press)
Infinitum by GMB Chomichuk (Chizine Publications)
Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story by David Alexander Robertson & Scott Henderson (Portage & Main Press)
City Beautiful by Randy Turner (Winnipeg Free Press)

Or, put another way, two graphic novels, one non-fiction book, one book of short stories, and one collection of poetry.

This segment is part of a monthly books column I'm doing, which so far is great fun. The most surprising thing is that two eight-minute segments = a half hour of radio. Or that sixteen minutes would go by so quickly...

(The egg cup was painted by the girl at one of those ceramic-painting places.)

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