Monday, October 12, 2015

Bats and bats and niche

Photos by Mike Deal.
* * *
Here are a few pictures from the McNally's launch of Basma Kavanagh's Niche on Saturday night.

I read an excerpt from my essay on bats in-the-walls. With some anxiety, because it is so new.

And Basma read a variety of poems from Niche, including one with a reference to Little Brown Bats. Which we had sort of planned in advance but still made me giggle in the moment. If you aren't familiar with Basma's work, Niche is a great place to start. I really deeply admire this book...

My thanks to Charlene Diehl and the Winnipeg International Writers Festival for the conversation, to Michael Deal for the photos, and to Kristian Enright and McNally's for the gorgeous hospitality...

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