Thursday, December 17, 2015

Five books + a teacup

* * *

For this month's books column on Dahlia Kurtz' CJOB program, I talked about these five books:

Lost & Found: Signposts for Steering Through the World by Laura Lamont & Jess Dixon (JackPine Press)
Connectomics by Alison Calder (JackPine Books)
Let Us Be True by Erna Buffie (Coteau Books)
Too Far Gone by Chadwick Ginther (Turnstone Press)
Questions I Asked My Mother by Di Brandt w/an afterword by Tanis MacDonald (Turnstone Press)

Or, put another way, two novels & three books of poetry. Three by Saskatchewan publishers & two by a Winnipeg publisher. Two chapbooks & three trade books.

The segment is part of a monthly books column I'm doing, which so far is great fun. You can listen in here, by selecting December 17 and 2 pm.

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