Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Five books + a celadon cup

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For tomorrow's books column on Dahlia Kurtz' CJOB program, I plan to talk about these five books:

Laura Reeves' Guide to Useful Plants by Laura Reeves (Prairie Shore Botanicals)
Wish You Were Here: Hand-Tinted Postcards from Winnipeg's Halcyon Days by Stan Milosevic (Great Plains Publications)
The Road to Atlantis by Leo Brent Robillard (Turnstone Press)
After Light by Catherine Hunter (Signature Editions)
Why Would Elephants Rather Play Tag? by Silvina Rocha and Meyi (Doubledutch Books)

Or, put another way, two novels, one kids' book, and two non-fiction books with lotsa pictures. Five Winnipeg presses publishing books by three Winnipeggers and two non-residents.

I should note that while I was working with an ARC of Leo Brent Robillard's book, it is now out in the world and has a much more colourful cover.

I should also note that I've included a celadon cup, which came with its own loose tea strainer and cover, that I bought while teaching ESL in South Korea back in 1998. 

The segment is part of a monthly books column I'm doing, which so far is great fun. You can listen live or check it out after-the-fact here, by selecting January 14 and 2 pm.

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Edvina M said...

After Light is such a beautifully written novel, did you enjoy it? Winnipeg sure has talent.