Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For a vaseful of lilacs

Rhubarb plundered from a friend's garden last year.
I have an idea for a poetry project.

I want to trade someone in Winnipeg a poem for a vaseful of lilacs. 
And later, a poem for two handfuls of rhubarb. Or a bowlful of prairie roses/bagful of mint/bag of apples/massive zucchini....

The way it would work is that the week before the 'thing' come into season, I put out a call.
 If you've got an abundant lilac, you pledge me a vaseful. You give me 5 words of your choosing, which I will incorporate into the poem. Then, in a week's time, you deliver the lilacs and I hand over a fresh poem.

M would photograph the lilacs/rhubarb/prairie roses/mint/apples/zucchini.

You get a custom poem. I get the lilacs/rhubarb/prairie roses/mint/apples/zucchini I would normally shake you down for anyways...and, eventually, I have a bundle of bartered poems. 
So who has a lilac bush and NEEDS a poem written just for them (and then poetry audiences everywhere)?

* * *
I just posted this to FB and have already arranged for my first poetry barter! 
The words are: dinosaur, birds, love, childless, peace.

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