Thursday, June 02, 2016

Four books + two blue mugs

* * *

For today's books column on Dahlia Kurtz' program on CJOB, I plan to talk about these five books:

Aqueduct: Colonialism, Resources, and the Histories We Remember by Adele Perry (ARP Boooks)
Dopamine Blunder: poems by Lori Cayer (Tightrope Books)
Jane Dying Again by Deborah Schnitzer (Unlimited Editions)
The Shadow Over Portage and Main, edited by Keith Cadieux and Dustin Geerart (Great Plains Publications)
Arctic Comics, edited by Nicholas Burns (Renegade Arts Entertainment)

(You'll notice that there are only four books in the picture. It's only that it's difficult to take a picture of a PDF...)

Or, put another way, one experimental novel, one book of non-fiction, one collection of poetry, one anthology of weird fiction, and a comic book set in the north. Three Winnipeg presses, one from Canmore, and one from Toronto.

The segment is part of a monthly books column I do, which so far is great fun. You can listen live or check it out after-the-fact here, by selecting June 2 and 2 pm, though you'll have to fastforward to 2:30, which is when I'm on the air.

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