Sunday, September 23, 2012

Picking at LEAST a peck of pears

Here are a few pictures from my second-to-last Fruit Share pick.

These were St. Vital pears. Small handfuls / small green dreams.

And we picked everything but the topmost branches bare in about an hour, which we estimated was approximately 130 pounds of fruit.

My favourite part of the pick was weighing the boxes and buckets of pears on an ancient bathroom scale.

Also, the homeowner's makeshift picking tool, which involved a whittled wooden ruler and a plastic bag attached to a long pole.

Also, how the various children brought along by Fruit share volunteers congregated under the tree's branches, avoiding the pears that rocketed down from high branches and giggling.

Luckily, the pears need a week or so to ripen, because I'm still eating/peeling/freezing my way through two boxes of frost-sweetened apples.

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