Saturday, October 06, 2007

poem means bizness!

Hey all,

The MWG recently informed me that a representative from the Exchange District Biz wanted to run my poem fall back in their fall newsletter.

Upon further investigation, it seems that they'd contacted the MWG wanting to feature a short poem by a Manitoban in their newsletter but weren't sure where to start in terms of particular poems, poets, or publishers.

Having run the Poetry in Motion promotion four times, MWG staff were able to forward a whole slate of work to the Biz.

Happily - and also surprisingly, given the other poets who've participated over the years - they chose my poem.

As I've mentioned before, I've participated twice in Poetry in Motion and the poems have had surprising legs. After Walking Home was featured in 2002, it was published in on-line lit mag paperplates (Vol. 5, No. 3) and had a second run on buses, this time in Edmonton's Take the Poetry Route project, which features poetry from other provinces as well as from Edmontonians.

Fall back took its name from the on-line poetry project of the same name and was 'published' there first (thanks, by the way, to her excellencies Gillian Wigmore and Anna Swanson for all the insightful feedback on the work...).

I've never had a poem appear in a newsletter but in some ways, being chosen by non-writers for a non-literary venue is more of an honour than if I'd gotten word a poem (or three) of mine had been chosen for Grain or Arc or any of the other lit mags that thus far refuses to publish my work....



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tracy said...

Yeah! Well done!

Three is a nice number.

GM said...

Schweet. The Ariel train continues to gather momentum. Next stop, Canon Junction.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks all...though I'm closer to being shot out of a caNnon than being included in any kind of canon.


M said...

I've got a canon camera waiting to shoot you're photo...