Monday, March 17, 2008

Paperchase 03

In this edition of Paperchase:
* U of W to host Carol Shields Symposium in May 2009, organized by Marjorie Anderson and Deborah Schnitzer.

* The inaugural International Prize for Arabic Fiction, dubbed the "Arabic Booker," goes to Egyptian author Baha Taher

* U of C prof Piers Steel sold U.S. rights to his self-help tome in what Publishers Weekly calls "a high six-figure deal."

* Maurice Mierau will read from his upcoming collection of self-help poems at Prairie Fire's World Poetry Day event March 20th.

* The Winnipeg Public Library reminds Winnipeg writers to submit to Doug Whiteway, the current Writer-in-Residence.

To read more, see the Winnipeg Free Press website.

(I tried to get some funny past the great-editor-in-the-sky this week. It didn't work. But I also finished writing the column at 3 am Thursday night so maybe the funny just wasn't that funny...)