Thursday, May 01, 2008

the damage,, seventeen?

After several days of events coordination interspersed with odd jobs in the store, Aqua now has books on shelves. Specifically, fiction on shelves.

I spent the last two days shelving and found great satisfaction in emptying box after box.

Though the literary fiction section no longer occupies a great swath along one wall, which I think lent it some grandeur, it was almost relief to handle the books again, to put them on the shelves and see the enormity of craft and art and thought they represent.

Books are objects and events and careers, but they are also surprisingly chock-full of writing. And, shelving them, I was reminded of that again...
Songs for the Dancing Chicken by Emily Schultz (ECW Press, 2007)*

All Things Said & Done by Marita Dachsel (Caitlin Press, 2007)*

Raymond and Hannah by Stephen Marche (Random House, 2005)

Chung Kuo: The Middle Kingdom by David Wingrove (Delacorte Press, 1990)**

Very Special People: The Struggles, Loves, and Triumphs of Human Oddities by Frederick Drimmer (Amjon Publishers, 1973)

As readers of this blog will remember, I used to work-for-money for an organization that provides training for the film industry.

Recently, I switched to penning a writing and publishing column for the Winnipeg Free Press and working as Events Coordinator at Aqua Books.

I haven't yet gotten into a routine with either gig.

Partly this is because that I'm also a writer and a member of the community that I'm writing on. I have to think quite hard about my reasons for including people / events / books in the column and also then scheduling events for the store.

Conflict is inevitable, given how small the community is here, but I'm trying my best to have integrity around both jobs.

Partly its because after a long winter of working full-time, I finally have time to think instead of hurtling from one task to the next. And thinking, in addition to being productive, dredges up things...

For instance, time to think on the fact that in addition to both gigs I'm also a writer without a book to my name.

This can lead to wailing/breast-beating, which is par for the course if you aspire to art-making of any stripe, but I have had to remind myself that my jobs are about books but my life is about writing.

And writing - accompanied by a good cup of tea - makes me happy...

So I'm glad to be able to tell you again about the books I'm reading and the writing I'll be doing as a part of the May Day Poetry Project (we have 14 poets this year! 14!).

* titles recommended to me by co-worker and award-winning writer Chandra Mayor.
** titles to feed genre-book-devouring beast that lives inside M.

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