Monday, April 28, 2008


This week is already *nutso* and it's only Monday...

* I'm working three days at Aqua this week, including an event to launch Tanis MacDonald's third book of poetry (Turnstone Press).

* May Day starts on May 1st. Which means I have to write a introductory post that includes a statement of my goals for the month...I'm thinking 3-4 poems a week would be manageable. (Did I mention that many of my favourite poets are now busily writing fiction? Did I?)

* I have my column due Thursday (coincidentally, May 1), which always floats somewhere in my consciousness, even if I try to ignore it until Thursday.

* AND, if that's not enough, I have a book review of Double Lives for the WFP due on Sunday...

And then, without really thinking about it, I found myself on the phone, signing myself up for a letterpress printing workshop this weekend...

I don't quite understand what I was thinking (or, more accurately, not thinking...) except that it looked bloody fascinating and wouldn't likely be offered again anytime soon. And I wanted to.

(I'm going to make up a small broadside of one of my poems! On a coaster! Fun!)

Lead is alive: Letterpress Workshop at CMU

During this workshop you will learn the basics of hand typesetting with lead type, locking up the chase, inking up the press and, of course, printing. Participants will work in pairs to produce a short run of cards or coasters that will then be distributed among the class.

Date & Time:
May 3, 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Location: Canadian Mennonite University, North Campus, 500 Shaftesbury Blvd.

Workshop Leaders:
Peter Bartl and Jane Merks of pb+j press, a B.C. company that prints fine-art books, visual poetry and other artistic pieces using moveable type and letterpress printing.

Registration is limited to 12 participants. Coffee and tea will be provided; bring your own lunch.

About the workshop leaders: Peter Bartl is a master printer who apprenticed as a typesetter and later studied at the Basel College of Design, Switzerland. He taught visual communication design at the University of Alberta until 2000. Jane Merks is an illustrator and bookbinder who has taught graphic design in universities throughout Canada and the U.S.

(Apparently, there are still a few spots left!)

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BionicPerry said...

Just so you know, that workshop IS offered a couple of times a year. I should know because I've almost signed up for it once or twice. Sounds cool! Hope you're awake and sane enough for it by the weekend!