Saturday, June 07, 2008


All photos Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. June 7, 2008.

* * *

After a hot two hours in the car while Aa napped and I read a chunk of Brenda's Cantos for Wolverine Creek (shamefully late in getting to it, I know, but, but...), I kiboshed plans for a visit to the zoo in favour of a jaunt in the forest.

I haven't been able to visit the forest much of late & I'm almost worried it won't like me anymore...

So Aa, M & I did our 'we-have-an-hour-or-so' loop, which coincidentally is also the best stretch for mushrooms. And, since we had a prodigious rain storm Friday (was it only Friday?), I was hoping there'd be a few new mushrooms.

No such luck.

I think the rush of growth is still a few days off, but I did manage to find/photograph a few specimens.

And Aa only wailed once, when I wandered into the bush a few feet to photograph 'oranging' and she wasn't allowed to follow me. Though I was literally only a few feet away and she could see me, she was strangely distressed, shouting my name and attempting the shrubby edge of the trail...

Of course, it was a slightly more vigorous walk than normal, as one of us had the mind the child and one of us had to pull the wagon, which was bouncing around something good on the cordwood portions of the path.

Normally, the heaviest thing we have to worry about are our moods. And maybe the camera.

But I'm relearning what normal is, day by day and year by year.


cynthia said...

i'm oh so very jealous that you:
a) went to the forest
b) had it in you to attempt said feat with child
enviously yours, c.

Ariel Gordon said...

Hey Cynthia,

You and I MUST attempt the forest sometimes ourselves!


cynthia said...

oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!

(i realize that sounds rather orgasmic...but that's how i feel about the forest some times.....)