Friday, June 06, 2008


* * *

These images are what happens when you find yourself just slightly harried at the end of the growing season and neglect to harvest all your tomatoes (or, if I'm being honest, even to pull them out of the ground once the growing season is over)...

I'm not sure of the props but needed something to balance the wizened and overwintered tomatoes/strawberries/spiders.

(The tomatoes are for B, who cannot have such anymore. Oh, and the spiders are for H.)

I've also been thinking of doing an urban nature series, like the mushrooms that grow at the fenceline next door and often get stomped by neighbourhood kids before they get very big or the lily of the valley in my yard that persist in ones and twos despite the gravel that lines their designated spot.

I would have kept the lily of the valley, as they are among my favourite flowers, but came out of the house a month or so after moving in to find a member of the neighbourhood green team (i.e. a teenager) going at them with a weedwhacker.

He'd been assigned to trim the edges of the stand of vacant houses that our house used to belong to...and had no idea a) that anyone lived in our house and b) of the difference between a dandelion and a lily of the valley.

Green indeed!


Shawna Lemay said...

These are utterly haunting!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Shawna!

I'm still fumbling around with these, literally and figuratively...still can't figure out, for instance, if I like the dirt in the image.