Wednesday, October 01, 2008

navel gaze clippings

From Michael Van Rooy's Paperchase column of September 28, 2008:
On Wednesday, Winnipeg poets Ariel Gordon and Kerry Ryan will begin their Nightowls and Newborns western tour with a reading at 7 p.m. at Winnipeg's Aqua Books at 274 Garry St.

The 12-day tour includes readings in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Regina and Prince Albert. Gordon, an editor and freelance writer, will be using the tour to launch her chapbook The Navel Gaze.

Ryan's poetry has been published in numerous magazines and journals. She will be reading from The Sleeping Life, her first book of poetry released earlier this year.
(Incidentally, we were the fourth of six items in the column. Michael told me at the Aqua Books-hosted THIN AIR Pint of Bitter Murder event [at which he read from his new novel] that we were originally higher up, but Morley Walker, the books editor, MOVED US DOWN.)

(Which, knowing Morley, was probably because it was poetry and also because of 'optics,' i.e. the fact that I gave up the column two weeks ago.)


* * *

From Kelly Hughes' This Week at Aqua Books of September 30, 2008.
And the events are not over. On Wednesday, October 1, Ariel Gordon and Kerry Ryan kick off their Nightowls and Newborns Western Tour. You may already know that Ariel is our reasonably adequate events coordinator, but you may not know that she's also an extremely talented poet. We are very pleased to be hosting the launch of her first collection of poems, The Navel Gaze. For this tour, Ariel has teamed up with Kerry, who had one of this year's most-anticipated poetry debuts with her book The Sleeping Life. (And even if you hate poetry, come to see how I host an event and find out why the buzz is that I'll be hosting next year's Manitoba Book Awards.)

The fun continues with the return of ideaExchange on October 4, and then a bunch of other things, including our first afternoon kids' book launch on October 14 (Anything But Hank!, co-written by a friend of Aqua Books, Vancouver's Zach Wells).
(Kelly told me that he included the 'reasonably adequate' because I wouldn't know what to do with a series of compliments.)

(Which is true.)

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