Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The poster

Isn't it gorgeous?

My thanks to Jeope Wolfe, designer extraordinaire and spouse-of-Kerry, for designing this poster and the accompanying tour t-shirt.

(No, not a heavy metal tour t-shirt, with a white body and black sleeves. Yes, I think that would have been cool.)

(No, I did not know that you know someone who makes shirts like, really really cheap.)

Tour dates, for those of you confused about the need for a tour poster in the first place:
Oct. 1 - Winnipeg, tour kick-off/The navel gaze launch.
Oct. 5 - Saskatoon, Tonight It's Poetry Series.
Oct. 7 - Edmonton X 2, U of A/downtown public library readings.
Oct. 9 - Regina, Luther College @ U of R reading.
Oct. 11 - Prince Albert, public library reading.

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