Wednesday, October 01, 2008

navel gaze clipping, SKtoon

From Taylor Leedahl in her October 1, 2008 promo email for Tonight It's Poetry the reading series she organizes in Saskatoon:
The evening includes Kevin Wesequate, Phil Legacy, and two women from Winnipeg, Kerry Ryan and Ariel Gordon, who are currently on their book tours.

Kerry Ryan is touring her latest poetry title The Sleeping Life ( J Gordon Shillingford ) and Ariel Gordon will be reading from her recent chapbook release The Navel Gaze ( Palimpsest Press ).

I would have loved to feature these two touring poets, but alas our schedules did not work out.

Our feature poet this coming Sunday is John McDonald who will be reading from his debut poetry collection The Glass Lodge (Kegedonce Press) and new material.

About John McDonald

John McDonald is a writer, artist, musician and playwright of Plains Cree blood from north-western Saskatchewan. He is a sixth-generation direct descendant of Chief Mistawasis of the Plains Cree, signer of Treaty 6 at fort Carlton, and part of the Dreaver dynasty of chiefs and politicians.

John has studied at the prestigious University of Cambridge, one of only a handful of First Nations people to do so, where in July 2000, he drew international media attention by "discovering" then "claiming" England for the first peoples of the Americas. [...]

John is a practicing neo-pagan witch in the religion of Wicca, and he resides with his wife in Prince Albert.
(Thanks to Taylor, whose own book came out a few weeks ago with Thistledown Press, for having us.)

(Thanks to any SKtoon people who come out to the event to hear the readers + also us, specifically.)

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