Thursday, October 02, 2008

A navel gazing day

Being a slideshow of pictures and VERY rambly commentary on same.

Ack! I forgot to say that Cynthia Wiebe, in addition to taking very good photos, was also one of my special guests. I forgot because there's no picture of her reading and I'm kind of literal like that these days...

I mostly wish I had a picture of Cynthia laughing herself to tears as I told the story of how we met in Assiniboine Forest when Aa was 6 weeks old.

But I suppose that's what recollections are for.

* * *

Official Winnipeg LaunchSet List:
Pre-conception: bedding (Ariel)
Six months: in the bath (Cynthia)
Eight months: the peanut gallery (Gilly/Annie)
Nine months: swelling and swollen (Dorothy)
Nine months: grocery list (Noreen)
Afterbirth: over spilt milk (Ariel)
+ a draw to see who got the privilege of buying a book (9 copies).
+ an auction of one book, the proceeds of which went to the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry (1 copy).

* * *

Copies sold: 13
Remaining copies: 21


Anita Daher said...

A very fun launch, and I am honoured to have been able to celebrate with you the launch of your first book--and such a gorgeous one, to boot!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks SO much, Anita!

(Did you get a green or a brown one, incidentally? There was apparently a run on the green ones...)

BionicPerry said...

Excellent event!
I enjoyed myself, and enjoyed the cake, and enjoyed winning one of your books! Yay! (well, winning the privilege to buy one of your books! Heh!)

Mike said...

It was fun while I was there... I think Aa enjoyed herself too...

Cynthia said...

love the slideshow! night was completely fun...loved it. glad i was able to help a bit with the pics...and i suppose i won't feel toooo unloved being left out of the commentary *sniff* :-)

let me know if you need a fuzzy photo-taker to come along on tour with you...(i'll bring lots of gin an lolly's....)

thanks again for a fun night!!

oh yeah, and nice rack. heh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ariel, can I buy a copy? Send one over to me and I'll put a cheque in the mail. I NEED the honour of owning my very own Gordon original! Send! Send! Please?

love from northern bc

Tracy Hamon said...

Sounds lovely A! The cake looked awesome. I enjoyed the video very much.

Marjolaine H├ębert said...

It was a very fun launch! I got introduced to your sense of humour for the first time, Ariel. Very cool! A great crowd, a-n-d I must say that the cake was delish...

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, all. I am unworthy!