Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And one more...

All photos Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. July 22, 2009.

* * *

Since we'd recently had nearly a week of rain and then several sunnier days (i.e. ideal conditions for mushrooms), I eagerly drove myself to Assiniboine Forest this morning, anticipating having my pick of specimens at which to point the camera.

But there weren't many mushrooms. I'm either too late, as evidenced by the clusters reducing to inky compost, or too early... (More after the turn.)

What the forest had in AMPLE quantity, unfortunately, was mosquitoes.

After having liberally sprayed myself with poison and even worn jeans in an attempt to foil the buggies, they then attempted my knuckles. After I sprayed my knuckles, they attempted the cracks between my fingers, the insides of my ears, and anywhere I was sweaty.

Which, after marching through the long grass waving my poison-slick arms, was most everywhere.



Brenda Schmidt said...

So THAT'S where all the mosquitoes are!

Lovely pics!

Ariel Gordon said...

Yah. Lucky for me, I'm not of the bite/welt persuasion...

(Thanks, dear B...)