Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten

From the Aqua Books tumblelog on the weekend, as composed by bookstore owner Kelly Hughes:

Top Ten Weird People in the store this weekend

#10 The guy who ran in here in a panic begging to know where he could buy pot

#9 The guy I saw in the men’s room using the toilet, then washing his hands, then using the urinal. (I left, so no word on a second hand-washing.)

#8 The woman who asked if this was a library (we get this almost daily)

#7 The two Fringe Festival volunteers who kept panhandling their team leader. (Fringe volunteers get fed, so it has some appeal for urban-camper-y types.)

The guy who took one of Ariel Gordon’s ($7) poetry chapbooks yesterday because he thought it was some kind of a freebie thing, and then brought it back today to show me which of the poems he liked best.

#5 The Fringe Festival volunteer who kept asking Andrea if she knew that one of our bookshelves was on wheels. How ingenious! It must be very handy. Do you move it around a lot? etc., etc.

(More after the turn...)

The drunk who wanted Chicken McNuggets

#3 The bearded giant who eats in the restaurant every week or two, just so he can stare at the servers was in today. He wanted me to tell him if anyone still made tin ceiling tiles. (He was obviously staring at the ceiling as well today.)


And best of all, the guy who came in looking for our “spirituality” section. It’s a broad category, I said. What are you looking for? The Dark Arts, he mumbled hoarsely. I showed him where we keep goofy shit, which is above our SciFi section. He then proceeded to pull a whole shelf of Andre Norton down on his head. I guess that would make him a Novice Dark Artist.

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