Wednesday, May 05, 2010

which poems when

For those of you...who live far away or live close and have small children to mind or a really REALLY terrible sudden headache or who absolutely refuse to leave the house because it's STILL raining and it was raining all day and they're wet and they'll get wet again if they go out again for the launch...but who like to follow along, here's my set list for tomorrow's launch:

Tit Poem (p.36-37)
May Day (14-15)
Fall back: the last good day (31)
Fall back: fallen (33)
Eight months: the eldest, after... (52)
Nine months: sweet nothings (59)
Chorus (64)
A year in: mash note (72)
A year in: fireweed (78-79)
Toddle (82-85)

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