Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wine & Words: recap

During his prefatory remarks at tonight's Wine & Words fundraiser, Theatre by the River Co-Artistic Director Matthew TenBruggencate started thanking people.

At one point, I thought I heard him say "from the bottom of our arts..."

He didn't, of course. But "from the bottom of our arts" is such an apt expression for an event that co-mingled theatre and literature, writers and readers.

There were 24 readings tonight and many of the texts being read were by GG winners from all across Canada.

But there was also a really interesting mix of locals: Ron Romanowski. Jonathan Ball. Rosie Chard. John Toone.

I didn't know who the locals were beforehand, so it was fun to sit down with the programme just after I arrived, especially when I saw that MY piece would be preceded by one by Carolyn Gray and followed by one by Susie Moloney.

It was also good to see that Kevin Anderson would be performing my piece, specifically Corporal of the Guard, from my manuscript-in-progress on American inventor Thomas Edison.

And, when my turn came, it was curious to hear my words in the mouth of an older male actor.

Curious...and generative, given that the narrator was a teenage boy.

Afterwards, several people made 'mmm' noises at me. Curious noises. And then someone bought me glass of wine. And then I won two of the raffle prizes.

I can safely conclude, therefore, that it was a both a entirely pleasant and productive evening.

Oh! I almost forgot! I'd like to thank Theatre By the River...from the bottom of my art.

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