Sunday, July 18, 2010


Photo from the Living Prairie Museum, Winnipeg, MB. July 18, 2010.

* * *

We attended the Monarch Butterfly Festival at the Living Prairie Museum today, which included the usual gamut of face painting-crafts-activities for the girl but ALSO entertainments for us adults, including a naturalist-guided walk of the tallgrass prairie.

I got to explain what galls where. And stand at the edge of a grown-over bison wallow. And fondle prairie sage.

Of course, I WOULD be drawn to the one native plant the (volunteer) naturalist couldn't identify.

You can't quite see it from this pic, but it had silvery foliage. And it was in bloom all over the field.


(I'm still sad I didn't get the Artist-in-Residence gig they had at the LPM a few years ago...I wasn't ready but it would have been divine!)