Thursday, January 13, 2011

Panoramic living room

* * *

So, after almost a year of compartmentalizing my writing life into launching and touring and talking about Hump, I've been mostly just reading of late.

Said reading has included many examples of science-y bio-lit, Lyon's The Golden Mean and Caple's The Semiconducting Dictionary (Our Strindberg) are the most recent, and even a few (dearly beloved) random reads.

The latter is pure pleasure. The former is research and pleasure co-mingled.

And in the interest of trying to sneak back into my (sadly neglected) ms. on American inventor Thomas Alva Edison, I've even decided that I will write an alphabet for each of the three characters that make up the ms.

Dot gets a silent alphabet, that I know. But I'm still thinking on how to shape the other two. Which I suppose is the part of the pleasure of doing it...

The exercize comes courtesy of Lisa Pasold via Perry Grosshans, who longtime readers will recognize as a member of the Wolseley Writing Group with me.

Thanks to M for the pano. And the (goddamn) support!

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Great pic!

Glad to hear you're reading and thinking, two of my favourite things!