Monday, January 17, 2011

Paris at night, 1899

So I mostly forgot that winning the John Hirsch Award for most Promising Manitoba Writer at the Manitoba Book Awards last spring meant that I will be a featured reader at Prairie Fire's annual Speaking Volumes dinner.

Which this year is slated for Saturday May 7.

For those of you not familiar with this Winnipeg lit classic, it's a benefit that "supports Prairie Fire's student practicum program through which they hire students for hands-on internships."

But here's my favourite part: "The evening starts with cocktails and voyageur-style hatchet throwing. Dinner will be followed by readings by our special guests."

So, basically, diners will be drunk and full of hand-to-hand adrenalin before they hear me read. Which should help.

As long as I am not ALSO drunk and full of hand-to-hand adrenalin...

It also means that my work will be featured in the spring issue of Prairie Fire.

I'm excited to see which sparkly writer will be the other featured reader. Last year, for instance, it was Michael Van Rooy (Hirsch winner) and Joan Thomas (the aforementioned sparkly writer).

I'm also excited to see some of my beloved Edisonia in print, but also nervous, as it still feels like unruly (scary) mess to me.

Which brings me to the image I'm using with this post, which is of the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris.

Thomas Edison had a massive display at the Exposition and met up there with his errant eldest daughter Dot. Which figures into the poems, don't you know...

(For more images from the Exposition Universelle, see the Brooklyn Museum's on-line archive...)


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