Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Set list

For those of you who like to read along, I'll be reading the following poems at tomorrow's bilingual edition of the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry Series:
From Hump:

Seven months: ultrasound introductions

Eight months: the gathering

A year in: clippings


From Our boy:

The aches of a candy butcher, ca. 1860

A stick of phosphorus




This will be the first time I read from Our boy, my manuscript of poems about Thomas Alva Edison. Which I sometimes also call Edisonia.

I'm strangely elated to try on the poems in public. And nervous, especially knowing I'll be reading alongside Bertrand Nayet and Dennis Cooley. Who are both extraordinarily kind...but even so.

I'm also v. excited to hear poet/translator Charles Leblanc read his translation of my poem Primipara.

Which might just be the last pregnancy and mothering poem I write for a little bit...and the only one that probably merits an apology.

(Writer and Aqua co-worker Jay Diaz and his wife Annette are the parents of twin girls. I saw Annette on the playground late in her pregnancy...and then wrote this poem. A few days later, she made twins and I made this poem.)

I'll also be giving out more of the broadsheets Julia Michaud of Instant Noodles created from three poems (Fall back: fallen, Seven months: the navel gaze, and Pre-conception)in Hump.

Yay! Fun!

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Ariel Gordon said...

And, of course, I didn't do this set list. I decided to read flooding poems instead. And then read them badly (see my next post).