Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm wallpaper!!!

Photo courtesy McNally Robinson Booksellers FB group. Posted March 23, 2011.

* * *

So Tuesday I'm walking through McNally's when store manager David Lawrence takes my arm. He then slowly pivots me around and says, "Look."

I look where he's pointing and see that above the cash desk they've erected a rogue's gallery of writers and musicians and artists of all stripes. There must be thirty or forty black and white images interspersed with a graphic that says McNally Robinson, 30th anniversary.

"They've all appeared at the store," he says.

I start a mental inventory. Susie Moloney there. Lawrence Hill. Kerry Ryan there. Oh, I'm so glad they used THAT photo of Michael Van Rooy. Patrick Friesen. Joan Thomas. Melissa Steele. Sheldon Oberman. Lisa Moore. Adrienne Clarkson. Holly Cole. Anita Daher. Andris Taskans...

"And there you are."

And I AM there. With Guy Gavriel Kay above me and Peter C. Newman to my right.

I spend the next ten minutes gaping at the display, moving so that I can take it in from all angles. Next I whip out my phone and take several terrible pictures.

Apparently, I strolled thru on the very first day it was in place.

And I'm so bloody grateful.

* * *

Here's what McNally reps say about the wallpaper on their website:

"In celebration of our upcoming 30th anniversary, we have created a banner above cash to represent some of the local, national and international authors and musicians who have made McNally Robinson the most eventful bookstore in Canada. Thank you to all the authors and musicians who have made McNally Robinson what it is today."

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