Sunday, July 03, 2011

Beach reads

Otherwise known as the stack I'm bringing to the cabin. There's more here than I can possibly read in two weeks' time, especially given that I've also got two UMP manuscripts to leaf thru, but it's also a symbolic act:

I'll be reading my way back into the Edison manuscript.

I've had a stack of exciting-for-me biographies out from the library and haven't been able to get to them. (Renewed them twice already...)

And I really really need to get into some kind of routine with this manuscript or I will pull my hair out and perhaps even attempt to get a grip on the short hairs on M's shaven head.

That bad, yes. But there have been a few extenuate-ings and I'm still reasonably certain there's still juice in the poems. (I have a bit of a thing for the poems, in fact, which is probably why I'm so impatient...)

There's also books here that I have been putting off reading for months, again because of the pile of must-reads.

You also have to plan for different reading moods when going out of town, where there's no TV and only the cooling night between me and bed.

Finally, right on top of the pile is the How to Prepare for Flooding proof that I've been playing show and tell with for months. Now we have to do final text/image touches and get the damn thing printed.

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