Sunday, July 10, 2011


All photos Hillside Beach, MB. July 10,2011.

* * *

M mowed the lawn today at the (rented) cabin. Under protest and with beer breaks. But it had to be done...

When he returned, he told me that he'd seen five or six bunches of mushrooms on the lawn. And that instead of coming in and telling me about them, he mowed them under.

I must have looked like I was about to bite him, because he hastily told me he'd ALSO seen some 'bumpy orange ones' on some logs.

I retracted my fangs/claws/tusks and proceeded outside with my (underused) camera.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Cool! Looks like a chicken let loose with her eggs!

Ariel Gordon said...

They're sort of like styrofoam turds up close (esp. the brown ones, but these peachy-pink ones are NEW and DIFFERENT).