Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Cabin fever

So my co-conspirator Julia Michaud and I are nearly done our JackPine chapbook, How to Prepare for Flooding.

We've got another session of tweaks planned and then it's off the printer, where its gory reds and blacks will be printed on BLINDING WHITE PAPER. 

I'm so grateful to J. for all her work on this project.

And so I'm greatly looking forward to launching it with her, both in Winnipeg and in Saskatoon.

In the meantime, here's a shot of me doing final edits at the cabin this past July.

I wedged my computer into a space on the kitchen between the girl's craft gak and M's late night snack.

I was lucky enough to have notes from three Writers-in-Residence (Melissa Steele, Ivan Coyote and Meira Cook) and to have the first prototype of the chapbook to consult.

(Thinking in terms of the poems. Thinking in terms of the design.)

And the front door was open and there was a bit of a breeze and M brought me a cup of tea without much prodding....

Thanks to M, both for for the pic AND for including the absolutely-vital-for-the-a-cabin-in-the-bush tube of Afterbite in the pic.

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