Wednesday, December 14, 2011

these days

So these days I've been actually writing. Which is not all that eventful, even if it feels just as exciting to me as traveling around with How to Prepare for Flooding or doing residual readings from Hump.

(Hump is almost two years old. Zowie!)

Though I would never give up touring - and people were SO kind this time out, showering me with frogs' legs and assorted cheeses - I hafta admit that writing is my favourite bit.

The rest of the winter is commitment-free. Strictly speaking, I haven't anything scheduled, but really I know exactly where I'll be, most Wednesdays and Fridays and possibly some evenings. In this goddamn chair, trying to make the Edison ms. speak again.

Or, more appropriately for this ms. in particular, trying to see if I can hear it anymore. (Speak up, you!)


Brenda Schmidt said...

Yay for writing!

No one has ever showered me with frog legs. And now you know.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, B. I will live to shower you with frog's will be my greatest ambition.