Monday, December 19, 2011

mailbox mushrooming

So M went to get the paper this morning and came back with an unlabeled jewelry box with a bow on it.

Inside, there was a bubble-wrapped lump. But the bubble wrap parted to reveal a metallic mushroom ornament...

It's the most recognizable of mushrooms, the poisonous Amanita muscaria. Which isn't something I've seen in my forest, but it's a mushroom...and mushrooms make me happy.

I still haven't figured out who stuck it in my mailbox, but it almost doesn't matter. The fact that I know someone that would do something like that makes me stupidly happy.

Which reminds me, given the relative lack of snow this winter, I should go check out the forest. Except the dry summer that preceded this dry winter means that that there weren't any mushrooms to begin with...

Oh! Also: happy goddamn Xmas to my secret admirer! And also the rest of you!

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