Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wrinkled! Cherries!

All photos Wolseley, Winnipeg, MB. April 1, 2012.

* * *

So instead of walking in the forest this past weekend, we got out the girl's bike and walked/biked to the furthest-away park in our neighbourhood.

Along the way, there's a house that had a massive reno this past fall, their house split open like a rib cage during heart surgery. Like a log with an axe in it. And their fence is lined by a shrub that produces these cherry-like berries.

(All fall, I wondered, "Are these berries edible? And, if so, why hadn't the owners picked them?" And then I realized: massive reno...which is as much about no-time as it is about airborne-plaster-dust.)

I had my camera with me, hoping against hope for some early boulevard mushrooms. But was happy to instead shoot last year's wizened berries with this year's new leaves...

I still have the impulse to stand in front of their shrub and shove handfuls of these beautiful cherry-like berries in my mouth, mind you. Photos only describe impulses, they don't take them away...

But maybe some time this year, while out walking, I'll see the owner puttering in their yard and ask what, exactly, the shrub is. I might find out the tempting berries are not AT ALL edible. And I will be glad for the veneer of civilization that kept me from filling my cheeks with them.


Laura said...

A, I think those are crabapples like the ones the birds are getting drunk on in my back yard.

Ariel Gordon said...

They're a slightly different shape, L squared.