Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Launch Your Book: part two

So you’re publishing a book. Whee! Now what? 

Now that you've set up a venue for your event and taken care of details like food and drink, you need to start promoting your event...
The poster for my first tour, created by Jeope Wolfe.

The poster for my second tour, created by Julia Michaud.
Event posters created by McNally Robinson Booksellers.
About a month before the launch, send an mass email to everyone in your address book, inviting them to the launch.

Include a description of the book, a thumbnail of the book cover, and all the pertinent details.

Tell them how happy and proud you are and how happy and proud you’d be if they came out to help you celebrate.

Sometimes, the people you love that happen to situate themselves outside the literary community don’t understand what a big deal a first/second/third/fourth/etc. book is…so it’s a good idea to explain why this is a big deal for you.

If the event is catered, mention that. Besides guilt, food is a great motivator.

Send a second reminder invite the week before the launch.

If you have a blog, post same. And then post small, unobnoxious reminders about once a week.

If you’re on Facebook, create an event for the launch and invite everyone you know. Friends, colleagues, enemies. EVERYONE.

On the page for the event, include a description of the book, a thumbnail of the cover, your author photo and bio and a link to your press and maybe even to the event location, should it have a website.

If your press is fancy and is doing postcards/bookmarks/posters, get a boxful and start distributing them around your town.

Also take the time to send paper invites to those people you think will appreciate them. Not everyone has email or FB accounts…or checks them regularly.

Make sure you do send them at least three weeks prior to the event, to allow time for Canada Post and people’s varied schedules.

And, if you've got a modicum of design skills - or, better yet, know someone who does and who will deploy said skills on your behalf - make a poster. Put it up everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

* * *

I'll be posting the third part of How to Launch Your Book next Thursday.

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