Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday's Poem

* * *

Lantzville, BC-based publisher Leaf Press has this thing called Monday's Poem. Where they publish a new poem to their website every Monday, each poem getting its 10,080 minutes of fame.

I've had two poems appear as Monday's Poems so far, "Seven Year Itch" in 2006 and "Primipara" in 2011.

This time, instead of wanting previously unpublished poems, Leaf was asking exclusively for previously published poems...and I was happy to furnish them with a poem from my How to Make a Collage (Kalamalka Press, 2013) that will theoretically also appear in my 2014 trade title with Palimpsest. (Which is back to being untitled...)

So here's my poem, "Heart attack," which I wrote for Winnipeg crime writer Michael Van Rooy. 

Michael died suddenly in 2011 and I still feel a mixture of confusion, sadness, and anger when I think of his death. Because dying, at 42, with young kids and all those books he'd written and the ones he hadn't yet written, was such a stupid waste.

Anyways, my thanks, as always, to Leaf and to publisher Ursula Vaira.


Debbie Strange said...

Thanks for sharing your powerful words about a powerful loss.

Congratulations on your Monday Poem publication! Leaf Press has chosen my submission "Riding Mountain Haiku" to be published as an Oak Leaflet Chapbook in the fall. I'm beyond thrilled - my first contract and I'm not even 60 (haha)!

Chelsey said...