Monday, October 27, 2014


All images from Point Pelee National Park, ON. October 23, 2014.
* * *

So poet/publisher Dawn Kresan took me to her local, Point Pelee National Park, which included a boardwalk/marsh walk, a forest walk, and a beachcomb.

Beyond the marsh portion of the walk, we had the place largely to ourselves. And it was good to walk & talk poetry, to point out mushrooms, to kneel on the beach and look at stones.

I found any number of bones on the beach in addition to all the plastic junk. So much plastic junk.

And then we rushed home, driving in and amongst all the farms and greenhouses and farm stands, back to Dawn's, where we changed into outfits suitable for the BookFest Windsor event, and that was that for my time in Windsor.

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