Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Get Lit Cabaret

The Cathedral Village Arts Festival presents:
The Get Lit Cabaret 

Join us for an evening of literary wonderment!

When: Thu, May 21, 7pm –11pm
Where: The Artesian (2627 13th Ave, Regina, SK)
Cost: FREE

7 p.m. Digital Stories from the Neighbourhood Part 1
Examples of the new narrative, a mix of visual and audio, from workshops offered by Evie Ruddy through the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

7:15 p.m. Poets on Tour – Yvonne Blomer and Ariel Gordon
Sponsored by Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Yvonne Blomer, Artistic Director of Planet Earth Poetry, a weekly reading series in Victoria, BC, became Victoria’s fourth Poet Laureate in 2014.

Award-winning Winnipeg-based Ariel Gordon launched her second collection of urban/nature poems, Stowaways, (Palimpsest Press), in 2014.

8 p.m. Digital Stories from the Neighbourhood 2.

8:15 p.m. History in the Making with Anne Lazurko and Allan Safarik

Co-sponsored by Coteau Books.

Fiction writers Anne Lazurko (Weyburn) and Allan Safarik (Dundurn) face off in an animated discussion of historical fiction and read from their most recent books.

In Lazurko's first book Dollybird, (Coteau Books), twenty-year-old Moira, banished to 1906 Saskatchewan due to unwed pregnancy, comes to terms with dodgy acquaintances and employment as a "dolly-bird".

Safarik's Swedes' Ferry, (Coteau Books), a retelling of an international showdown featuring two police forces, robbers, and life along the Canada/US prairie border in the late 1800's, is his 20th book and his first novel.

9 p.m Saskatchewan Book Awards Presents short-listed authors Laurier Gareau and Tracy Hamon

9:30 p.m. The Music in Poetry – Heather Peat Hamm
Co-sponsored by Wild Sage Press

Agricultural and ecological research gave Heather Peat Hamm a keen observational bent and drawing skills honed at the microscope, illustrated in her first book, Blue Grama (Wild Sage Press). Her songs are poetry with banjo and guitar.

* * *

I've heard good things about the Cathedral Village Arts Festival for years, so it'll be nifty to finally be able to check it out.

I'm looking forward to spending time with writer friends, to encountering the work of writers and artists I don't yet know, but after a busy spring, I'm really really looking forward to that drive to Saskatchewan.

The six hours between Winnipeg and Regina is a beloved stretch of highway for me.

It's where I can be gloriously noisy and quiet. And I really need some singing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs. Some time-alone-in-my-car, with endless mugs of tea and the stereo blasting...

My thanks to Bernadette Wagner, CVAF Festival Chair, and the SWG for their support of this event!

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