Thursday, May 07, 2015


(Clockwise from top left): Amber McMillan, me, what the books table looks like, mid-show, Andrew Forbes, Patrick Friesen, and the crowd in Homegrown Hamilton.

* * *

The May 3 Lit Live reading in Hamilton featured me, Amber McMillan, Andrew Forbes, Patrick Friesen, Nick Michael Casteels, Nicholas Papaxanthos, and Valerie Nielsen.

I read first, because our group of poets, dining at the nearby Italian resto Capri, arrived at Homegrown Hamilton last.

But I don't mind where I read in a line-up, really. Not anymore.

And I had so much fun up there. Talking about Winnipeg, about poetry and football and heckling. (The best audience feedback I got was the owner of Homegrown Hamilton, who high-fived me when I went to get a beeeeeeeer at intermission...)

My thanks to Lit Live organizers, to Homegrown Hamilton, and to Gary Barwin for putting me up. 


gary barwin said...

Your recorded reading is posted here:

It was great to have you visit Hamilton.


Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Gary. I've updated my post with the link. And right back atcha!