Thursday, June 04, 2015

Six books + a plate

* * *

Some of the MB authored/published books I'll be chatting with Dahlia Kurtz about at 2:30 pm on CJOB 680:

Ghost Most Foul by Patti Grayson (Coteau Books)
Wonder Horse by Anita Daher (Rebelight Publishing Inc.)
Life Among the Qallunaat by Mini Aodla Freeman (University of Manitoba Press)
A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba by Bartley Kives (Great Plains Publications)
Monologue Dogs by Meira Cook (Brick Books)
The Significance of Moths by Shirley Camia (Turnstone Press)

Or, put another way, two YA books, two non-fiction books, and two collections of poetry.

The books for a new monthly books column, which should be great fun. The plate is just decorative but is one of my grandmother's. 

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