Thursday, June 11, 2015


* * *

So I haven't posted a goddamn thing in weeks.

Part of that is that the blog barely kept up with my doings this spring. Which were marvelous, far-flung and varied. But also: tiring.

So, as soon as I didn't have to post event notices and clippings, I didn't.

I went for walks, both to look at the trees, to take deep breaths of lilac (which sounds purple and florid but is one of my favourite spring-in-Winnipeg things, besides carigana & frogsong & pulling on shorts after a loooooong winter), AND to get on some kind of regular exercize schedule again, which this diptych proves.

But I also cleaned house and watched movies with M and the girl. I did outstanding paperwork and napped.

I'm also been setting my shoulder to the proverbial wheel of the urban forest essays. It's still big and scary, because it's a slightly different genre, because it's new and at the edge of what I'm capable of, in writing, but I'm determined to do it.

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