Friday, June 19, 2015

Reprint: Manitoba Arts Council

* * *

So I'm leaving on Monday for my stint at the Deep Bay cabin.

I still have to assemble a teetering stack of books I have no hope of making my way through in two weeks, which is tradition. I still have to make sure I move all the files I'll need to my laptop. I have to make sure I have my camera and my camera's battery charger.

I have to pack sheets & clothes, sunscreen & bug spray, flip flops & hiking boots.

I'm looking forward to being alone, to bringing home a respectable chunk of new writing, but also to the shift in perspective that being at the edge of Riding Mountain National Park's wild will bring.

Working forest vs. urban forest. Tourists vs. neighbours. Resident squirrels & crows vs. resident bison & wolves.

My thanks to MAC for the opportunity and to Kristen Pauch-Nolin for all her help!

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