Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Translating horses

So my prose poem "Fresh sheets" will appear in the anthology Translating Horses from Baseline Press this fall.

Photo by Moez Surani.
All of the poems/artworks in the collection are a response to Jessica Hiemstra's "I ache sometimes, from loving this world so much, from loving." The anthology as a whole was edited by Jessica and Gillian Sze, who is a Winnipeg/Montreal hybrid.

It was great fun collaborating en masse. (Yet another iteration of that process. I'm collecting them like bubble gum cards...)

The chappie will be launched in Montreal, Toronto, London on October 16, 22, and 23 if you're in any of those cities. 

I will have to content myself with a private reading from a hand-made chapbook chock full of glorious names.

My thanks to Baseline publisher Karen Schindler, Gillian and Jessica.


Translating Horses: the line, the thread, the undersidepoetry and visual art anthology
editors: Jessica Hiemstra and Gillian Sze
upcoming October 2015

100 pp., thread bound, 5.75"x 8.5"
ISBN # 978-1-928066-00-2, $18
cover of St. Armand Canal; flyleaf of St. Armand linen wrapper

In 2010, Jessica Hiemstra invited poets to translate a poem of hers, however they wanted: improving it, making it theirs, changing its form, distilling or adding to it. She told them that she was simply curious about the process and what her poem would eventually lose or gain. Following that thought, she approached visual artists and asked them to throw light on "horse." What did they see when they heard the word?

With responses from 56 poets and visual artists, the project is held together by a few stray threads: linguistic inquiry, play, and collaboration. What you have here is proof (or not) that a horse is a horse is a horse. Of course.

The Translating Horses anthology features works by: John Barton, Gary Barwin, Darryl Joel Berger, Leila Boakes, Stephanie Bolster, Shannon Bramer, Ian Sullivan Cant, J. R. Carpenter, Michael E. Casteels, Weyman Chan, Stewart Cole, Tom Cull, Mary Di Michele, Stan Dragland, Beth Follett, Gabe Foreman, Ariel Gordon, Heidi Greco, Jennica Harper, Maureen Scott Harris, Kevin Heslop, Cornelia Hoogland, John Housez, Ray Hsu, Robert Huynh, Mary Kroetsch, Jo Kuyvenhoven, Anita Lahey, Madeleine Leroux, Lisa Martin, Sonia Alice Martin, David McGimpsey, Steve McOrmond, Audrey Meubus, Vanessa Moeller, Brian Musson, Shane Neilson, Soraya Peerbaye, Marilyn Gear Pilling, Harold Rhenisch, Sandra Ridley, Stuart Ross, Linda Schettle, Anne Simpson, Ricardo Sternberg, Alison Strumberger, Moez Surani, Aaron Thomas Swindle, Michelle Teitsma, Larry Thompson, Blair Trewartha, John Tyndall, Leslie Vryenhoek, Myna Wallin, Ian Williams


theresa said...

Oh,doesn't this sound wonderful...Will look for it.

Ray said...

High five, Ariel!