Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Poetry in Voice 2016

* * *

So I'll be an Online Semifinal Judge again this year for Poetry in Voice: A Recitation Contest for Canadian High Schools.

There are nine poet-judges this year, including Gillian Jerome, Pierre Nepveu, Michael Crummey,
Joanna Lilley, Deanna Young, Andrée Lacelle, Liz Howard, and Éric Charlebois.

Poetry in Voice coincides with the Concour D'art Oratoire competition at my daughter's French Immersion school, so I've been thinking about what it means to get up in front of people.

In particular, I'm remembering when I did my own Concour D'art Oratoire presentations and my first poetry readings. I'd blush and stammer and run out of air...

So I have a lot of appreciation for the French Immersion elementary school kids who've spent the last few weeks memorizing speeches (my daughter's is about our cat) and all the high school students who've gotten poems off-book...

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