Sunday, March 06, 2016

Reprint: Gory

* * *

So my poem "Gory"—my period poem, my menstruation glosa— is ALSO in the 10th anniversary issue of The Goose, a critical/creative web journal published by the Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (or ALECC).

The poem glosses “Seas” by Erin Robinsong, which appeared in Vol. 13, Issue 2 of The Goose.

Here's what poetry editor Camilla Nelson had to say about the poem:

"In “Gory,” Robinsong’s work inspires Ariel Gordon to address the sea of blood through, by and from which we all—not just the “leaky collection of wives & daughters” she initially references—travel."

There's lots of great work in this issue, including poems by Jenna Butler, Gary Barwin, Basma Kavanagh, Don McKay, Ken Belford, and gillian harding-russell.

Thanks to Camilla and to The Goose editors for including me!

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